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Lead removal can be very dangerous to everyone.We at Lead Paint Removal Guys have precautions that should be followed to ensure that the removal process doesn’t affect anyone. Lead Paint Removal Guys lead removers always ensure that children and pregnant women are not near the site until the cleanup is complete, if the removal is on a residential house and its takes more than a day, the home owners should seek some other place to live for that short period.

We always work in one room at a time, and seal off the work area from the rest of the house, including any heating or ventilation ducts, using heavy plastic sheets to ensure that the lead effects don’t go to other rooms. We always ensure that all items in the room that is being worked on is removedor must be covered with two sheets of plastic and all the seams taped. Plastic used to cover the floor should be secured to the wall or baseboard with duct tape. Lead Paint Removal Guys ensures that our workers wear disposable coveralls, shoes, hair covering, goggles and a respirator approved by Health Bodies and Organizations. One should never eat or drink while still working in the room where lead paint is being removed.



Lead Paint Removal Guys also encourages the enclosure method in lead paint removal. Enclosure is done by putting up a drywall or by covering windowsills with vinyl or aluminum. Materials used to enclose lead-painted surfaces should be durable and fire resistant, such as gypsum board, aluminum, vinyl, plywood paneling, laminates and acrylic sheets.



This is another method that Lead Paint Removal Guys in lead paint removal. This technique bonds materials to the existing painted surface; it's more than just a coat of paint, in that the encapsulant is bonded to the lead paint. It is important to follow product instructions exactly to be sure that a strong, long lasting bond is created.

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Lead Paint Removal

lead paint removal is not an easy task, we at Lead Paint Removal Guys use several methods; Wire brushing or wet hand scraping with the aid of a non-flammable solvent or abrasive compound. Liquid paint removers can be used on small areas, such as windowsills, doors and woodwork. It is very crucial for workers to use personal protective equipment, such as gloves, safety glasses and disposable coveralls when using some paint removers.

Heat stripping, using a low temperature heat gun, followed by hand scraping. Heat guns pose a fire hazard, and make lead dust and vapors, so they should be used only by experienced workers wearing respirators.

Exterior work should be done on calm days, and wet-misting or vacuuming should be used to control lead dust and paint chips during removal. The ground around the building should be protected with heavy (6-mil) plastic sheets. The outer edges of the sheeting should be raised to trap dust, debris, and liquid wastes. Wastes should be disposed of properly, as described below.

After the removal clean up should since lead removal leaves some dust and debris. Unless the house is properly cleaned, it will be more hazardous after the work than it was before. The debris should be disposed of properly to avoid health hazards.

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