About Us

Lead Paint Removal Guys is a painting company which specializes in painting, removal of paint, paint mixing and all other activities related to painting. We also do lead paint removal which requires a lot of precautions due to its harmful effects to animals and people. We have well set guidelines and precautions to ensure that the lead paint removal process doesnot harm either our workers or the people around us when we are working. We are also committed to the provision of safe and quality services to all our customers and we always finish our assignments on time.


We always hire very qualified staff and every one works in their area of specialization. Our staff and workers are well informed all about lead paint removal process and they never disappoint in every contract we are given. Our painters are trained on all the effects of lead poisoning and how one is supposed to treat lead poising before going to hospital. We always have first aid kits on site in case of any lead related accidents. Our first-rate qualifications, along with our years of experience and trained, certified technicians, mean that we perform the best in lead removal.

Service beyond expectation

We at Lead Paint Removal Guys always do our best in ensuring that we meet and surpass customer expectations in lead paint removal. Lead Paint Removal Guys does not only create relationships in business but also help our customers in better decision making and guiding them all through in matters to the type lead paint removal technique.

Being the Solution

We at Lead Paint Removal Guys make it our business to solve all the issues when it comes to lead paints. With our team of professionals we ensure that any complain by any of our customers is rectified within the shortest time period and if the problem is non rectifiable we always have a better alternative to ensure that we have solved the problem being faced by the customer.


Lead Paint Removal Guys ensures that all our lead paint removal techniques are safe to the wellbeing of our customers and the community around. When our painters are doing the painting they always ensure they have the right protective attire and always ensure we get the surrounding people protected from the harmful effects of lead.


We at Lead Paint Removal Guys are committed to provision of quality products and dependable services at all times, reliable supply of all materials used in lead paint removal to all our customers and customer satisfaction. We also advocate for product expertise and experience to ensure our products and services are world class. Lead Paint Removal Guys ensures that we offer prompt services and our products are tailored to the specific needs of each of our customers.

Lead Paint Removal Guys provides a safe, violence and drug free environment where junior employees are nurtured to become best in their areas of specialization. We also help our employees in meeting and achieving both personal and business goals. Lead Paint Removal Guys also rewards workers whose efforts are directed to the improvement and growth of the business.

We also ensure that we are providing value added products and services to our customers and always work to our level best to ensure that our employees get the best knowledge and skills in order to be more competitive.

Customers can always visit us or call us on 888-312-3621 to get more information about our lead paint removal services.

Key features

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