Lead Paint Removal in Roseville, CA



Lead Paint Removal Guys has over the years become one of the best providers of lead removal services in Roseville, CA due to our efficiency and effectiveness in the work we do. This method is used in removing lead paint in windows,doors and baseboard. The main advantages of this method is that it effectively removes the lead source and improves energy efficiency due since it doesn’t take much time. This method is pretty expensive and requires skilled workers and special tools.



Many Roseville, CA residents use this method since it doesn’t require any technical skills. Here a scraper and a wire brush is used to remove the lead paint. Light water misting is needed to control dust. The main advantage of scrapping is that it reduces the amount of toxic fumes and dust and is not expensive. These method also has its cons, it produces large amounts of paint chips.it is labor intensive and hardly removes all paint.


Chemical removal

These method mainly uses liquid paint strippers, this method is very effective in removing paint withoutproducing dust. Some of the shortcoming of chemical removal is that Chemicals can be toxic and should only be done by a professional.

For more information on lead paint removal customers can always reach us on 888-312-3621.

Lead Paint Removal in Roseville, CA

Lead Paint Removal at times produces a lot of dust, we at Lead Paint Removal Guys have come up with different ways to remove the dust; we always ensure that we ;remove dust by wet mopping all of the surfaces in the work area, using a tri-sodium phosphate cleaning solution. The solution helps pick up the lead and is available in hardware stores.

We at Lead Paint Removal Guys inRoseville, CA always ensure that proper lead waste disposal is done to ensure that lead does not cause harm to people,You can get lead poisoning if you do not take care when you remove lead-based paint from the inside or outside of a building. Children, especially preschoolers, are particularly at risk from lead poisoning because they may swallow bits of paint that contain lead or soil that has been contaminated. Children chewing on painted cots or toys are also at risk if lead-based paint has been used.

We also ensure no woman during pregnancy comes near a site where Lead Paint Removal is being done, lead may cross the placental barrier from the mother to the baby. Some evidence suggests that elevated blood-lead levels in the mother might affect the development of the nervous system of the baby and might increase the risk of a premature birth.

Lead poisoning is treated by seeking immediate medical treatment, many adults and children with lead poisoning will have either very vague or non-specific symptoms such as stomach pains, difficulty sleeping, constipation and loss of appetite or no symptoms at all. Children who may have no obvious symptoms can still suffer some brain damage over a period of time. If a child has more severe symptoms such as weakness or difficulty walking, seek urgent medical attention. Untreated lead poisoning in both adults and children can be fatal.

For more information on Lead Paint Removal customers can always reach us on 888-312-3621.

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